Sturmgruppen of JG 4

Diskussionen zum Thema Ausrüstungen, Lackierungen und Einsätze der Luftwaffe im Zeitraum von 1936 bis 1945.
Discussion around Equipment, paint schemes and cobat missions of the Luftwaffe during 1936 till 1945
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Sturmgruppen of JG 4

Post by RaFiGer » Wed 11. May 2011, 13:37

Hello fellow Skinners & Simmers :)

Improving my little webpage related to Jagdgeschwader 4 in special and the so called "Sturmgruppen" Content, I'm investigating the historical correct colour schemes used by JG 4 during 1944 up to end of the War. Beside of the fantastic books I've studied so far (List you can find on my Webpages) there are still some open questions regarding the use of the different late war schemes on the use Airplanes:

So far I cover the following parts of JG 4:

Stab JG 4, II.(Sturm)/JG 4 and the III. and IV. group

The widely used camouflage pattern was the Standard RLM 74/75/76 in different variations depending on repair works or ensure proper camouflage the light blue fuselage parts. Introducing the late war scheme using colours RLM 81, 82, 83 with RLM 76 was mainly applied th the Bf-109 K4 Models and the Fw-190 Dora Types.

Could someone help me out here, either in settle the above stated schemes or introducing new sources to add to my investigation?

For the status so far have a look at: ... ruppen.htm ... fo-JG4.htm

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