Short advice for use of my board

Einige kleine Hinweise und Regeln zur Benutzung von meinem kleinen Forum - some short advices for the use of my board
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Short advice for use of my board

Post by RaFiGer » Tue 5. Feb 2008, 17:42

I do not want bothering you with to many regulations but please follow these little advises for posting on my board:

Without registration no access to my board
I do not want to be a compeditor to already existing boards dealing with the same issues, but I like to discuss all thinks and related points regarding the war planes flying and fighting in World War II. Because it is meant to use documents, hints or information's to argue and dicuss matters it makes sence to do this in a controlled board space. Copyright issues or third person rights should be handled correct and without breaking common and know laws.

Deleting or editing of posts
I will delete or edit post in agreement with the poster if there are failures, misleading statements or rude behaevior.

Be polite and don't argue to harsh
Plaese keep the discussions calm, don't be rude or inpolite make your statement correct but fair!

Thank you very much & have fun at
with best reagards RaFiGer